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    Music | Growing Believers | Strengthening Character & Equity | NOS way of Networking | Bolster Black Heritage
    Open Standards Everywhere | Making E-commerce Safe & Reliable | Promoting Innovation & Creativity .
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We provide an easy to follow rhythm, a step-by-step
experience and insights for every believers everyday life.

Your belief isn’t a barrier with us, we believe in unity and genuine love.
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Music is part of life, it's our voice to every believer. Our vibe is genuine and different it's our passion, value and general outlook on life. Self love is the best love as we promote character & equity, because love is the new money.

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Growing Believers

We're mentally wealthy, our goal is to project & share the knowledge God has bestowed upon humanity. Our priority is making wisdom go viral, and setting a pace for greatness.

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Strengthening Character & Equity

We're pleased ambassadors for God, Character and Equity. This enables us unpack behaviors that are blocking believers from receiving their desires. We are excited to portray deep insights and intuition for a perfect daily goal.
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NOS way of Networking

The dream is to make life smarter and better, we hope to partner with you to connect with the universe. We love music, our sound is the inner part of every vibe. Music is universal and pure!

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Bolster Black Heritage

I'm Black and I’m Proud, we are "One African People" made by history. We identify our ancestors, the influence of the human spirit and pay our highest tribute. Black is the essence from which all color comes, character is Power. I'm my mother's child the drums of Africa beats in my heart, all great achievements requires time...
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Open Standards Everywhere

Our standard is merely a genuine mind and intent, your outlook on the awful present situation might make your outlook for the future turn grim. Create your own reality with a positive outlook, you have got nothing to lose because YOU are the decision maker...

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Making E-commerce Safe & Reliable

Our brand name craves to inspire believers, on the true needs of life through our perspective. We hope to maximize the e-commerce market, making it better.

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Promoting Innovation & Creativity

Our method is reliable and smart, life is all about choices make yours today. We put a name to creative minds, in other to enlighten believers and play a role in the universe reel. True fulfillment of life comes with the right mindset, prior a more convenient atmosphere for humanity and all life forms.
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The flagship brand name advertise services and goods, whether or not a brick and mortar brand every believer deserves to grow their business. We learn constantly and believe in an equitable and viable future, making an impact in everything we do.

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NOS Dianetics is an e-commerce Music brand and Social network pleased ministering the genuine teachings of God.
We love music and we’re about the reality of every Believers everyday life. Our belief and practice is to apply Dianetics while believing in Jehovah’ Supremacy, the Grand Master Of the Universe in order that One find Balance through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. GOD incarnates Himself in all Human body through the Mind, Body and Spirit.

We crave for the satisfactory experience and fulfillment of life, to be creative through our teachings, music and partnership. Everyone has a purpose in life, indeed life’s race is personal but “united” humanity stands a better chance towards a better tomorrow. Our belief is the honesty, trustworthiness and respect for other Beliefs.

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Dianetics is a set of ideas and practices regarding the metaphysical relationship between the mind and body. It's the auditing and correction of the mind and body by cleansing it of harmful mental images. The basic principle of existence is to survive and the basic personality of humans is to be sincere, intelligent, and good. It's a mental therapy science! The word Dianetics is Greek, dia meaning "through" and nous meaning "mind". It was created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

God is merciful & patient, if only we repent genuinely and turn to light rather than darkness. We are in the last days, He gives a second chance to His followers and provide all their needs and heart desires.
The world is full of hate and darkness, He has come to let light shine and spread love because love is the new money.
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WISDOM Of The Third Eye

God is merciful & patient, if only mankind repent genuinely and turn to light rather than darkness. We are in the last days, Jehovah who is the Grand Master of the universe gives a second chance to every life forms and provide all their needs and heart desires.

The world is full of deceit and darkness, Jehovah has come to let light shine and spread love because love is the new money over Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth.

The wisdom of God through Jesus Christ is the mind in the body for Love, Character and Equity is the true paradise on earth..

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The dream is to maximize e-commerce market making it safe, secure and impactful for everyone. We are for the easy refilling of one’s true spiritual nature, by cleansing the mind and body. Our goal is to reach out to the universe, and be heard because your needs is God’s accomplishment.

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Interestingly the e-commerce music brand name is one of it’s kind involved in ones self spiritually, mentally and physically. We prioritize ourself to enable our mission a success, for a more united tomorrow that’s how we contribute to the society. We manage our time, so that we optimize our productivity.
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We are driven to win, a team that respects one another beliefs. We’re always looking to bring out the best within oneself. We create to give you motivation, ideas, creativity and learning. Whether on your commute, at the gym or learning from home: your needs is God’s priority.

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We are pleased with your partnership, by joining this platform to enable a smarter life and solution to ones diversified everyday needs. By joining us, you can materialize this dream and make it a reality. There’s much more with us, as we hope to change the world together.

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As an artist your artistry,
regard and scope will be a backbone for your partners.
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Meet the Artist

NOS Dianetics was founded by Nino Offisong Snr in 2018. He is a Minister of God, Orator for Character & Equity, Purpose Coach, Artist and Entrepreneur.
Nino Offisong Snr is a speaker of honesty, wellness, trustworthiness and respect for other beliefs. He’s belief includes the love within the family, friends and every life forms with the understanding of a keen spiritual way of life.
He ministers through his spiritual nature about the reality of life and believe in oneself, for a better society and world at large. Every belief deserves mainly equity not just equality, and should be willing to connect.

Nino Offisong Snr

What they said.

Don’t just take our words for it. Our testimonies say more.

I was enjoying a life drenched by worldly pleasures, I wanted to quit the lifestyle but didn’t know
how until I heard your song and teachings. I’m a better man now…

Kingsley Edwards

For every hardships and trials i faced, NOS Dianetics helped me with the right mindset to believe in myself and conquer my fears.
God has empowered us with the solution we need, for our freedom and upliftment…

Tunde Adewale

Through NOS Dianetics i found the truth i was searching for,
your rhythm and strategy is indeed powerful…

James Palmer

Nobody was there to protect or defend me, i gave up until i came across NOS Dianetics
I found my purpose through your teachings and music...

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    you can relate to us.

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As an artist your artistry,
regard and scope will be a backbone for your partners.

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Website: www.nosdianetics.com

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